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The Hive

"The Hive at Camden People's Theatre, defines itself as emerging in virtual immersive theatre and it actually seems like they might set a new trend on the post-pandemic scene."

Theatre Weekly

The Hive is an online immersive experience for those who wish their working lives were a little bit more... interesting.

Error 404 invites you to escape, to leave your true identities behind, and dress up in your swankiest office clothes, as you embark upon their debut show.

"Welcome to Hive Social Solutions, we’re glad to have you on board the team!"

At times like this, we know working from home can feel a little bit odd, so we’ve converted all our office space into a brand new virtual world. As you navigate yourself around, you’ll soon forget you’re stuck at home… in fact, you might forget about your world altogether.

It’s your first day on the job, and things are looking promising in your new virtual office, only the more you explore, the more you find out that something very odd is going on at Hive Social Solutions… and someone needs your help to find out exactly what it is. 

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